Just say, “Yes.”

by Winter on July 12, 2014

Today is the kind of Maine summer day that you wish would continue for several months, although I suspect, it is going to become much warmer as the day goes on. Usually I don’t start my mornings reading, but Michael left at 5 am to kayak for a Peaks Island to Portland swimmer.  I was up early watching the sun slowly wake up, listening to the birds, and doing my usual routine of feeding Sneakers, Mikha, and Grizzel (the cat), and tending to the chickens.  When I finally sat down with my tea, I clicked on a New York Times op-ed by Dick Cavett: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. In the article he writes of his magical experience during an Yuwipi Ceremony. The article was yet another gentle tap on my shoulder to post the inner message I have been hearing these last few days/weeks.

The message goes something like this.  It’s as if we have a spiritual amnesia.  We have cut ourselves off from the adventure of life, which is more than white-water rafting, Disney World, or shopping. Spirit is always here, we have been taught not to see it.  We wrap our sightings of Spirit in terms of “something weird, or strange, happened.” How different our world would be if we didn’t tell our children, “That’s just your imagination.” (I frequently watch our 8-month old Aussie puppy, Sneakers, watch things that I don’t yet see.  I know they are there, I can sense them, and I am working hard to take away the veil of not seeing.)

My Grandmother saw fairies dancing in the rain and angels hovering over the family graveyard.  My aunts were witness to unexplained lights, windows opening and closing on their own, and sharing a home with folks long dead. Even my father, a very quiet man, once told me of a ghost horse that walked between he and his father on the way to the watering trough. This isn’t weird, or spooky, or woo-woo.  It’s the nature of the reality we live in. It’s our Divine Nature.

Our society has censored the Divine, and her help, from our collective consciousness.  If we are going to change, to evolve, we have to say yes so that life can come to us in unexpected ways. (We have shown we can’t change ourselves on our own, how do we expect to change consciousness, or solve the problems of the world?)

I suggest that, starting today, you say, “Yes” to your Divine Nature. Know that if you take one step all the helpers waiting (to help) come running toward you. They want to work with you…this is the adventure.  You are stepping into the bigger picture, which is waiting to be lived.

You just might wake up to a magical world.


December 5-7: Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases (Monroe Institute)






Are you doing what you want to be doing?

by Winter on June 8, 2014

Last year Michael and I sold our sailboat, having made the decision that we weren’t enjoying (or using) where we lived (in the woods, on a lake, in Maine).  Instead, for 15+ years we had opted to jump in our car, drive 35-40 minutes in summer traffic to the harbor, jump on our boat and sail or cruise for a couple of hours before returning home. The summer of 2013 was especially hectic as we gardened, built a barn, and installed solar panels. We felt guilty not using the sailboat or the lake. And we felt hypocritical, knowing that our world was at a fossil fuel tipping point and we were still running around.

One morning, Michael asked a simple question: “Is this what we want to be doing with our lives? What if you knew that you only had one day, or one week to live? Would you do what you are planning on doing today? If not, why are you, why are we, doing it?”

If we consider that our time here is finite, all of us might do things differently. Perhaps we would question our purpose, our job, our good (and not so good relationships).  We might even be honest with ourselves and with each other.  We would tell our Truth, and not care if others didn’t agree with it.

We would truly begin to live, and not sweat that the house needs cleaning, or that the puppy had an accident.

On this perfect, sunny day in Maine, it’s just a thought.



One morning, Michael asked a simple question, “What are we doing with our lives, and why? ” This prompted a series of other questions, including “Is this what we want to be doing?”



Talking to Strangers

May 31, 2014

Recently, I have been pondering why we (humans) behave as if we are separate from each other, as if there is no relationship between us.  We behave as if everyone else is a stranger  (we certainly don’t talk to strangers)  and our personal world is the only reality there is. We seem to have forgotten, […]

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Along the path to enlightenment…

March 24, 2014

Make no mistake about it…enlightenment is a destructive process.  It has nothing too do with becoming better or being happier.  Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the façade of pretense.  It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.  Adyashanti I used to believe that enlightenment meant being one with […]

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Truth with a capital “T”

March 6, 2014

Zipporah Dobyns once told me that I was searching for Truth with a capital “T.” Zip was a clinical psychologist as well as a pragmatic astrologer, and I am reminded of her words almost daily. Because I have been somewhat shut in, I’ve been catching up on my reading and questioning everything that I read.  (The garden […]

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February 23, 2014

The Voice in my head whispered, “Let Michael get the mail.” “It’s a beautiful snow,” I argued.  ”Besides, I need to go into the greenhouse to get greens for tonight.” “Wear your cleats,” flashed across my mind, but by now the fresh snow was 8 inches deep and I decided that cleats were unnecessary. Out I […]

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Chasing Magic

February 9, 2014

There are some days when I can’t, or don’t, sense the Magic that is all around me.  Tasks are routine, the news is always something else to fear…storms (now we name our winter storms), the flu, the “Other.” If “they” tell us something long enough, and strong enough, do we believe it and make it […]

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What you seek is seeking you…(Rumi)

January 4, 2014

It was -30° this morning when I got up.  This coming Monday the temperature is predicted to be 40°, then 26° on Tuesday. Expecting the unexpected has become the norm, both in weather and life changing events. For several years I have suggested to my friends and clients that during these wild and crazy times […]

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October 27, 2013

In A Hidden Order I wrote about an unseen web that ties our lives together.  Admittedly, I don’t know how it works, just that if we pay attention, there is a flow to life that seems to lead to (perhaps) less suffering. Shortly after I posted my memorial to Mai Bock and Morgaine I heard from […]

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The End of an Era

October 14, 2013

Angels among us, Mai Bock and Morgaine, shared our home for over 18 years. Morgaine died September 6, and Mai Bock died in my arms,  on the way home from Virginia, October 3. Although we knew they were old, and they would be leaving us, their deaths have left our home very empty. We were […]

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