Our True Nature…

by Winter on April 20, 2015

Steve Ross, (one of my favorite (far from average) yoga teachers, and a former Vedic Monk) says,” Life is a purposeless energy, going nowhere…it is a play…consciousness is doing its thing in all of these many forms in one intelligent, vast, indescribable reality. We are separate from our true nature because of our negative thoughts, presumptions, emotions and conclusions that block our experiences.”

Being a former music major, and using music in my work with clients and groups, I love how Steve incorporates music (and humor) into his teaching. It isn’t about holding the perfect pose, keeping a serious face, or toning our thighs (although toning definitely takes place).  It’s about finding our True Nature...that part of ourselves we discover when we are able to drop back from the stresses of modern day life.

Lately I’ve been thinking (a lot) about our True Nature. Dropping back from everyday stress is easier said than done because everything seems stressful. Just driving to the corner can create stress. The more stressful, or crazy something is, the more I wonder about it’s deeper meaning. Why can’t I just ignore the person who pulled out in front of me (causing me to wear my brakes down), or the one who is tailgating two feet off my bumper? I’m certain that most drivers are clueless about their bad driving habits, so why get upset?

If there is one thing I am certain of, it is not about “the other person.” It is about my perception, and my reaction to the events unfolding.

I am of the opinion that nothing is inconsequential, that each event in our lives contain mysterious messages from A Hidden Order, and the universe pivots on every encounter that we have with another being. Perhaps that person who pulled out in front of me made me slow down for a reason that I couldn’t see.  (It’s happened before.) When I think in this manner, reality becomes a vast opportunity for me to experience the interconnectedness of all creation. From this perspective, I realize that every action, every word, and even every thought is integral in the unfolding of creation.

Consider that each breath we take is connected with the breath of the universe. That everything is a reflection of exactly the same thing; consciousness is doing its thing in all of these many forms in one intelligent, vast, indescribable reality.

It kind of makes you think…doesn’t it?



by Winter on February 15, 2015

Maybe my love of wine is a result of a past life in France. All I know is that I love wine and that life was one of my excuses for drinking wine, lots of wine. In this life, my mother treated my colic with blackberry wine, and the nectar of the gods has been with me ever since.  I had numerous excuses for why I needed a glass of wine to “shut down my psychic abilities, or relax.”  In fact, I became quite proficient at quoting research that said moderate drinking was healthy: one glass of wine for women daily, two for men. (Of course, my glass was more like 8 ounces, not 5.) And all along I would hear the whisper that said, “Don’t drink.”

Flash back twenty-five years ago (can it really be that long?) when I first heard the “voice” tell me not to drink.  Always, when I heard the whisper, my body would stiffen, and I would argue, “I’ve been a therapist at “THE” World Health Addiction Treatment Center, I know how much is too much, and I only drink one glass (ok, maybe two) of wine a day.”

Still the voice, would whisper, “Don’t drink.”

Recently I posted that if I don’t pay attention to my waking reality the message slips into my dream state. Because the first dream I remember that suggested I needed to change shook me to my core, it is still cemented in my memory.

In the dream two beings, one on either side of me, took hold of an arm and walked me through my life. We started in a doctor’s office where they showed me that I was sleep-walking through life. In fact, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, especially my left eye, which in ancient literature is the Eye to the Soul.

SoulartThe last place we ended up was in a tall building, standing in front of two elevators that only went to the second and sixth floor. Even though I was dreaming, I thought of the channels that Ram Dass says we operate on:  Channel 1: (the physical body), through Channel 6: pure awareness. This elevator only ran to the second (personality) and sixth (pure awareness) floors. I couldn’t make it to the second floor because I was asleep!

I stopped drinking.

A few days later I watched an eight foot tall being, wearing long gray robes, take shape in front of me. (It reminded me of Star Trek and “Beam me up, Scotty.”)

“Not now!” I said, waving it away.

This Spirit vanished for the time being, but the unseen world around me continued to become visible: shadows where there was no light to cast a shadow, tall, gray-robed beings in my peripheral vision, and nature spirits.

Ultimately, I went back to my glass of wine each night, ignoring the dream, the voices, the other world so present.

Why?  Why would I do that? That is really the question this post asks. I pose it because I believe we all hear (or sense) our “voice” that could lead us to better health and a more balanced life.  We hear, we know, and yet we ignore this guidance. If we get sick, we turn our back on our intuition and run to “experts”—doctors who throw everyone into a cultural norm category (age. weight and sex) and treat according to the Bell Curve. How many ask, “What is going on inside of you, the patient?” (Christiane Northrup has an interesting take on this.)

Last summer, actually for several months prior, I started thinking that I needed to say good-bye to wine.  And, just as before, I had my arguments as to “why not” all lined up.

Here is the answer to “why not?”  Alcohol and atrial fibrillation are connected, especially wine and hard liquor (but not beer). My voice was warning me that if I continued to ignore it’s suggestion, what was once a gentle tap could (or would) turn into a rock dropped on my head.

The rock turned out to be a diagnosis of  non symptomatic atrial fibrillation. From the beginning, I sensed that my cardiologist and I weren’t a good fit, but I wasn’t sure what I could do about it except to keep asking questions with the hope we would land on the same page.  It wasn’t looking promising.

One evening a friend, who also happens to have a-fib, mentioned that her cardiologist believes in acupuncture for the heart and, as I later learned—the practice of yoga for a-fib. A real person spoke a clear message that I needed to hear. The next morning I made an appointment with my new cardiologist.

Yesterday, just prior to my cardio-version, I lay on the gurney having a great, open conversation about reincarnation and out-of-bodies with the docs and nurses getting ready to send a shock through my heart. I had a strong impression that all of us in that room had been together before, and it felt good, very good.

In a larger sense, there is a wealth of knowledge that we are collectively ignoring. Messages from modern-day Cassandras, people like Richard Heinberg, Charles Eisenstein, Carolyn Baker, and Guy McPherson, all telling us the rock has already fallen and we don’t even know it.





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