What is Medical Intuition?

by Winter on June 28, 2015


Recently, many readers have called or emailed me, asking me to tell them more about what the class on medical intuition at the Monroe Institute is all about.  This rainy summer day in Maine seems to be a good time to make that attempt.  (What I say today is always subject to change!)

A few weeks ago Larry Burk, MD and I facilitated our second medical intuition retreat at Monroe. As with many retreats of this nature, whatever takes place seldom occurs during the actual event.  Rather the effects of the seminar, and personal change, will unfold gradually, spilling out into one’s awareness at later dates.

It is my opinion that any time we remove ourselves from our fast-paced lives, taking time to slow down, we begin to discover our true nature. I know this is true for me. As much as I love our home in the woods, complete with gardens, greenhouse, dogs, cats and chickens, when I leave for a “break” I return refreshed.

Time at the Monroe Institute is like that. Even though facilitators no longer require that you relinquish your watch upon arrival, I have noticed that, for the most part, participants automatically put their watches, cell phones, and computers away.  Whatever is going on in the outside world can wait while they explore their inner world.

Larry and I designed the program on medical intuition in such a way that it explores not only our physical body, but subtle energy and our connection to all things. How is it that we can feel, or sense the physical or emotional pain of another? Is it simply because when we enter into a deeply relaxed state, the physical world falls away, our senses are heightened, and we are able to focus on (and sense) subtle energy?

For the purpose of this post, I am going to distinguish between traditional medicine and intuitive diagnosis. (Remember there are no absolutes, so there cannot be only tradition medicine just as there can’t be only intuitive medicine.)

Traditional medicine usually relies on the faculties of physical observation, thinking, and lab reports, focusing the mind on only one thing at a time, or one area of the body (specialization) for determining why there is illness or disease.

By comparison, intuition puts the whole picture together in order for us to know how a specific symptom fits the whole. By sensing the pattern, or whole within a person, disparate phenomena (environment, our big toe, lost loves, our dog, vitamins, everything) give us a holistic understanding of what is happening. From this state the legendary aha moment arises, and everything seems to fall into place. In that state of awareness we feel a sense of truth and completion.

Medical intuition is not just about disease or illness, but it is about discovering our true, spiritual nature. It is about listening, and tuning up our senses, not medicating symptoms away. By using intuition to see the complete pattern within a person or situation, sensing the whole or essence in others, we are helped to understand our own innate individuality and paradoxically, our connection to everything.  This helps us to become who we really are, and who we are is a spiritual being. Intuition and imagination help us touch the Divine.

During the program by stretching your belief systems we attempt to help you suspend your disbelief, so that you reach a state of knowing.

Our next weekend program will be November 6-8. In 2016 our Medical Intuition program will run six days. (May and November). I hope you will consider joining us.


Our True Nature…

by Winter on April 20, 2015

Steve Ross, (one of my favorite (far from average) yoga teachers, and a former Vedic Monk) says,” Life is a purposeless energy, going nowhere…it is a play…consciousness is doing its thing in all of these many forms in one intelligent, vast, indescribable reality. We are separate from our true nature because of our negative thoughts, presumptions, emotions and conclusions that block our experiences.”

Being a former music major, and using music in my work with clients and groups, I love how Steve incorporates music (and humor) into his teaching. It isn’t about holding the perfect pose, keeping a serious face, or toning our thighs (although toning definitely takes place).  It’s about finding our True Nature...that part of ourselves we discover when we are able to drop back from the stresses of modern day life.

Lately I’ve been thinking (a lot) about our True Nature. Dropping back from everyday stress is easier said than done because everything seems stressful. Just driving to the corner can create stress. The more stressful, or crazy something is, the more I wonder about it’s deeper meaning. Why can’t I just ignore the person who pulled out in front of me (causing me to wear my brakes down), or the one who is tailgating two feet off my bumper? I’m certain that most drivers are clueless about their bad driving habits, so why get upset?

If there is one thing I am certain of, it is not about “the other person.” It is about my perception, and my reaction to the events unfolding.

I am of the opinion that nothing is inconsequential, that each event in our lives contain mysterious messages from A Hidden Order, and the universe pivots on every encounter that we have with another being. Perhaps that person who pulled out in front of me made me slow down for a reason that I couldn’t see.  (It’s happened before.) When I think in this manner, reality becomes a vast opportunity for me to experience the interconnectedness of all creation. From this perspective, I realize that every action, every word, and even every thought is integral in the unfolding of creation.

Consider that each breath we take is connected with the breath of the universe. That everything is a reflection of exactly the same thing; consciousness is doing its thing in all of these many forms in one intelligent, vast, indescribable reality.

It kind of makes you think…doesn’t it?



February 15, 2015

Maybe my love of wine is a result of a past life in France. All I know is that I love wine and that life was one of my excuses for drinking wine, lots of wine. In this life, my mother treated my colic with blackberry wine, and the nectar of the gods has been with me ever since.  I had numerous excuses […]

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Waking Up…

January 18, 2015

Today was no exception in my morning wake-up.  I was brought to consciousness by a heavy weight across my neck and a wet, slurpy kiss that hit my mouth dead-on.  Mikha, our 22 pound, long-haired dachshund was awake, fulfilling his “job-description”to love and kiss any chance he gets. Aided in his mission was “Sneakers,” our […]

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A New Years Resolution: Let Food Be Thy Medicine

January 13, 2015

He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the time of his doctor. (Ancient Chinese Proverb) If you are one of the many who have decided to clean up your diet, at least for the month of January, let me toss a few things out for your consideration. For years I have asked clients about what […]

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A heart-felt event…

December 16, 2014

I am one of those people whose blood pressure goes up if I even look at a BP cuff (let alone “think” about the fact that someone, somewhere, is going to check my blood pressure. So recently, when I decided I was going to check my blood pressure it was out of character, even if […]

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Medical Intuition

September 2, 2014

This December 5-7 Larry Burke, MD and I will be offering a long-weekend class on medical intuition at the Monroe Institute.  Because I am frequently asked how I discovered that I was a medical intuitive, I am posting the interview. Winter Robinson and Dr. Larry Burk offer Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases at TMI in […]

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Present Moments…

August 27, 2014

It is always bittersweet when we reach these hazy, hot days of August. This quiet morning a window has opened for me to sit on our porch and post my thoughts…of which there are many. One most foremost in my awareness is the changing weather and how flexible we need to be, how our best-laid […]

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Just say, “Yes.”

July 12, 2014

Today is the kind of Maine summer day that you wish would continue for several months, although I suspect, it is going to become much warmer as the day goes on. Usually I don’t start my mornings reading, but Michael left at 5 am to kayak for a Peaks Island to Portland swimmer.  I was […]

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Are you doing what you want to be doing?

June 8, 2014

Last year Michael and I sold our sailboat, having made the decision that we weren’t enjoying (or using) where we lived (in the woods, on a lake, in Maine).  Instead, for 15+ years we had opted to jump in our car, drive 35-40 minutes in summer traffic to the harbor, jump on our boat and […]

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