A heart-felt event…

by Winter on December 16, 2014

I am one of those people whose blood pressure goes up if I even look at a BP cuff (let alone “think” about the fact that someone, somewhere, is going to check my blood pressure. So recently, when I decided I was going to check my blood pressure it was out of character, even if I am the one doing the checking. The result was not my blood pressure, but my heart rate was over 100 (my resting pulse is 63.) I checked for two more days with the same result.

A visit to my doc confirmed that I had non-symptomatic atrial fibrillation. No, I didn’t feel my heart racing, have shortness of breath, or any of the other symptoms associated with a-fib. I was immediately ushered into the world of prescriptions (which I abhor for many reasons, most of them having to do with profit, not health) and tests.

In the last couple of months I have scanned several clients who have a-fib, and that doesn’t include my friends who are members of the A-F  club. I attribute much of it to electro-magnetic-frequencies.  We are all body electric and we have wrapped our world in frequencies that we don’t have a clue how they are affecting our health and well-being.

What triggered this for me? It was a friend/client, a horse/dog whisperer, who asked, “To what did I attribute this event?” Without a pause, I realized that it began, I think, in late September when we revisited the Jersey Shore.  A year ago, to the day, returning home from the Jersey Shore, our 18 1/2 year old long-haired dachshund, Mai Bock,  had died in my arms.  Michael and I were both heart-broken, to say the least. Mai Bock also lived a long life with a heart condition.

Thanks to drugs, acupuncture, homeopathy, meditation and mindfulness, my heart no longer races (it is actually back to it’s pre-a-fib resting rate of 63-66),  and my blood pressure is a fashionable 114/75.

Recently I taught a class on Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases with Larry Burk, M.D..  Larry put me through my paces asking what metaphor A-Fib was like.  My response was, “I feel as if I am in a class that I didn’t sign up for.”  My goal is to use everything to get my heart back to a normal rhythm. When this happens, my metaphor will be “like swimming with dolphins.”

It was not my intention to write about my health, but if for no other reason, it makes me pause….and think about what is important.






Medical Intuition

by Winter on September 2, 2014

This December 5-7 Larry Burke, MD and I will be offering a long-weekend class on medical intuition at the Monroe Institute.  Because I am frequently asked how I discovered that I was a medical intuitive, I am posting the interview.

Winter Robinson and Dr. Larry Burk offer Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases at TMI in which participants are taught to recognize, process, and release psychospiritual imbalances underlying illness.

Q: What kind of work do you do day to day?

A: It varies. Being a medical intuitive I am very big on healthy eating. It is my belief that most of our illnesses/diseases are a result of what we put into our bodies, so I grow as much of our own food as possible. Gardening, a four-season greenhouse, chickens, and, of course, a husband, two dogs, and a cat, keep me busy. In between trying to live sustainably, maintaining our Website, and leading seminars, I use a model I developed from my time at Monroe to work with individual clients. This work incorporates subtle energy, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and the client’s sensing of their physical body.

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: Each client is different. They do not all come to me because they have an illness. Some are searching for their purpose, or feel lost. Sometimes this manifests as an illness, but usually it is something greater that they are seeking—not just health issues.

Q: So you look at the holistic being, where everything is connected.

A: Yes, of course.

Q: You and Dr. Larry Burk have put together a new weekend retreat for TMI.

A: It was at TMI that I discovered my ability to be a medical intuitive, so naturally I am excited about this retreat. It is as if I am coming home. Let me give you a little background. When Bob Monroe reopened the new lab in the mid-eighties I was asked to be in the second group of Explorers. (During my Gateway we discovered that I could be in a very deep state and describe what was going on.)

Q: So you were a subject in the lab?

A: Yes, Rita Warren was my primary monitor, helped by Martin Warren, Darlene Miller and Michael George. (Occasionally Bob Monroe would pop in.) Remote Viewing was big in those days and, because Joe McMoneagle was there, they were exploring how Hemi-Sync® might contribute to the process. (This was before Joe’s first book came out.) They had been giving us “targets” for several weeks. So there I was, feeling very important, in a lab conducting remote viewing experiments, very mindful of the Monroe tenet to “not edit” what shows up.

So it was a humbling experience when, during one of my sessions, Rita read the target to me and a cartoon character showed up. As a child I never read comic books or watched cartoons. Now I was watching and listening to a character I called “Sam the Pirate” because I had been taught not to edit any information that I got.

Sam proceeded to tell me about Rita’s body. After the session during the debriefing Rita confirmed everything Sam told us because she had just come from the doctor. She had a diagnosis, but no treatment plan until now. Later I learned that my cartoon character was “Yosemite Sam,” and that was probably the original target, something in Yosemite National Park.

Thus began my career as a medical intuitive.  Often I wondered “why me?” I never wanted to work in the health field, nor did I see myself as a “healer.”

Six months later I attended a Professional Seminar at the Institute and, as usual, I was running late for a packed-to-capacity meeting. Fortunately, there was one empty seat in the middle of the crowd. I squeezed myself in, sat down next to a gentleman and introduced myself. I heard him say he was a biochemist. At the break we started talking and I felt compelled to tell him of that lab experience. It turned out that James was on the faculty of an Ivy League university medical school. We struck up a friendship.

From the beginning, James said, “I do not need to be told someone has a broken arm. I can see that. What I want to know is what I can’t see.” We discussed working together, but we were unclear how. Then a few months later, he called me because one of his students had Hodgkin’s disease. He asked what I could tell him about this student. I told him where I sensed the disease originated. That began our work together.  James would call me with someone who needed help and I would give him the information. Eventually, I assisted second-year medical students to find their abilities as medical intuitives.

Q: What a great position to be in.

A: It was wonderful. These students who self-selected into class were amazing. There was one student who saw a patient as a tree. He looked at that tree and conducted his physical assessment of the person. Others sensed on the body as I do, reading subtle energy.  The students had a variety of styles and approaches.

Q: I am surprised this was allowed in a medical school.

A: It was an incredible situation. After conducting their intuitive scan of the patient the students were able to go see the patient and ask follow-up questions to confirm or clarify what they picked up.

For me, medical intuition is the tip of the iceberg. Once you start having successes there, you have to ask, “How does this work?” And you can’t seem to help going into all kinds of other dimensions.

Q: How did you connect with Larry Burk?

A: I was asked to present my work at a medical meeting being held at Duke University. Mainly, the meeting was geared toward applying new technology to patient assessment. Larry Burk was in my seminar on using intuition to facilitate the diagnosis. That is how and where we originally met. From time to time, over the years, we would touch base with each other.

Q: That is the genesis of this new weekend retreat—Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases? When you and Dr. Burk decided to develop this class, how did you come up with the details of what it would be?

A: I have wanted to do this class almost from the time I met Yosemite Sam, and have been thinking about what it could include since then. But the timing has not been right until now. Years ago Scooter [Nancy McMoneagle, TMI’s executive director and president] hired me to be a facilitator at Monroe, which I did for eleven or twelve years. Then I left to do more of my own teaching. But the idea of a medical intuition class kept haunting me and I couldn’t think of a better place or atmosphere to explore this concept. No doubt the same Source that brought me Yosemite Sam is the Source saying we need to offer this program. I proposed the idea soon after Scooter became executive director this year and she thought it was compatible with the Institute’s evolution. Larry has his techniques and I have mine. We both focus on self-awareness and self-healing; we come at it from different approaches.

When I do a scan I ask, “why does this person have a backache or a shoulder ache and how is stress affecting their body?” Larry is bringing that in along with EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques. He will be helping people not only find their illnesses but release them. The “let’s go deep process” is my role. Let’s see what information comes up. Then we will put it together in a language for each participant’s own consciousness.

Personally, I am looking forward to learning from Larry as we co-facilitate.

Q: What a wonderful combination.

A: I think so. To say that I am excited to be facilitating this weekend retreat is an understatement!

Q: The premise according to the class description is that anyone is capable of getting in touch with this energy and using it to either scan another person to help find and heal their illnesses or health situation, or to heal themselves.

A: Absolutely. Real information comes from within. I think what has happened as we have moved into the digital age, (which is the first part of the Aquarian age) is that many of us have lost touch with our intuitive sensing. We don’t even use our five obvious senses. We are so busy texting that we bump into people as we walk. We can’t tell the weather without a weather app. And yet, we are in such a major time of intense change in the universe we need to develop and use our innate abilities, our senses. We need to learn about and use self-healing.

Q: People who will sign up for the class will build on what they already know?

A: To me, knowing implies the intellect. Perhaps better said, they will discover what they sense but perhaps don’t know they sense. So come with an open mind, without any expectations, and expect the unexpected.  What I have spoken of is what we are going to aim at offering. My experience as a facilitator has shown me that the group brings their collective intuitive unconscious and it comes forth exactly as it is meant to. Larry and I will be offering everything we have in our bag of tools and do our best to work with people’s desires.

Q: What else?

A: This program is a pilot. There was much more Larry and I wanted to share but we could only fit so much into the first pilot weekend. But it will be a lot. People can visit my Website or Larry’s Website. Or, they can call or email me and I will gladly talk to them about the program. I have been facilitating programs on medical intuition since the mid-eighties but this is the first time Dr. Burk and I have taught together. That guarantees it will all be fresh and exciting.

Winter Robinson contact: www.winterrobinson.com  •  (207) 929-6960   •  winter@winterrobinson.com

Larry Burk Website: www.letmagichappen.com


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