Spinning out of Time

by Winter on May 8, 2016

It has been several years since I first started suggesting that we “walk with our knees flexed.”  This is because I hold the belief that so much in our lives is subject to change we need to always anticipate the unexpected. And so it is today, which started out (or so I thought) fairly well laid out, but within the opening bell (Micha, our dog giving me wet kisses) it began to unravel and now, seven hours later, the day looks nothing like it did when I woke up.

I try to go with the flow, thinking this is the Tao—the constant ebb and flow of life.  But lately, it seems as if there has been much more ebb than flow. Or, maybe it’s flow x 100. Things are getting weird, in fact, things are downright chaotic, and they seem to be spinning out of time.

My husband frequently suggests that I am “too” detached.  That I “see” life as we know it crumbling and I don’t get emotionally involved. (That’s probably my detached moon in Aquarius, but it could be a result of the Monroe Institute training, “view with no emotion,” or both.)  Or, unfortunately, because the crumbs haven’t literally landed on our doorstep, I really don’t believe everything is falling apart. Yes, clients are more demanding, perhaps crazier, and not dependable; the internet less reliable; cell phone usage sporadic at best, and the changing weather taxes everything from my ability to grow food to arranging timely flights.

Chris Martenson recently put the chaos into perspective. (I suggest that you read the entire article, there is a lot of meat in it.)

Those of us who can read the signs for what they are, not what we wish or believe them to be, have a special duty to first prepare ourselves for what’s coming and then help others. To put on our own oxygen masks first, and then help the others around us.

For a variety of reasons, most of them rooted in archaic evolutionary brain structures, most humans are not well adapted to face change, let alone major change.

And the volatility and chaos that’s arising all over the globe is well beyond major change. Therefore it’s well beyond the capability of most people respond to effectively — perhaps even at all.

So it’s up to you, the one reading this, to lead the way by becoming the change you wish to see. 

After reading Chris’ article, I was prompted to read what political astrologer, Bill Herbst, had posted. It’s another version of the same thing:

Trump is capitalizing on a virtual tsunami of inchoate rage that is welling up and now starting to crest in our collective psyche, especially among Americans who feel that they have lost privileges to which they believe they have been entitled. These losses in income, status, well being, and even meaning itself are felt as unjust, unfair, and just plain wrong.

This segment of the population has no trouble finding scapegoats for their losses, particularly in government or society at large.

Astrologers have been telling us that as we move from Pisces to Aquarius institutions will fall, the old establishment will try to hold on to their power, and there will be great potential for civil unrest.

It seems to be they are right.



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Wordlessvoice May 29, 2016 at 8:24 pm

Bravo for the emerging population diversity! This new wave appears to be very capable of dismantling the tyranny of bigotry and the dedicated ignorance that feeds it. Appearances suggest they also will be more motivated to begin healing the planet.


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