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On Intuition

How do you tell the difference between intuition and a random thought?

Intuition is the tip of a vast reservoir of information that is constantly changing, moving, and occurring simultaneously in the universe. We are not separate from this information although we may ignore it at times.

Intuition speaks softly, is patient, and will repeat itself in many different forms until we hear (or sense) what it is telling us. There is no judgment or threat with your intuition. It simply tells “what is.” For example, it may be a quick thought, “Take your winter coat,” on a sunny, 80 degree day in January. It does not give a dire warning about why you need to take your coat. It just makes the statement. (This happened to me, even though I resisted the idea because it made no sense until I encountered, a freak snowstorm.)

There are voices (thoughts) that guide and protect us, and there voices that are simply emotional memories from our childhood: voices of our mother, father, rabbi, priest, first-grade teacher. When all is said and done, we all hear voices, but what do we do with the information that we hear? Fearing that there must be something wrong with us, we often ignore the voices offering real guidance. What is needed is a simple framework in which to interpret and understand these inner experiences.

Ask yourself how the information feels. Does it feel controlling or directive? Does it sound like something your mother would say? If it does, it probably is the “voice” of your mother or a parental figure. Or is it, as it often is, a fleeting thought that flashes acrosses the window of your mind. So fast you might choose to ignore it?

If the information makes you feel anything less than the powerful, spiritual, creative being that you are, then it is not intuition. It is old tapes from your childhood.

Begin by keeping your focus in the present moment. If you are washing dishes, pay close attention to the washing of each dish, cup, fork. Do not race ahead in your mind to your next chore or project.

Keep a journal of hunches, flashes, sudden insights. Follow those hunches (within reason) and see where they lead.

Dream. Record your dreams.


What about when my intuition is wrong?

Intuition is true by definition. According to Webster, intuition is “the power of knowing, or knowledge obtained, without recourse to inference or reasoning; innate or instinctive knowledge, familiarity, a quick or ready apprehension.”

If a seemingly intuitive insight turns out to be wrong, it did not spring from intuition but from fear, self-deception, or wishful (without creative action) thinking.

I’m afraid that my intuition will tell me something that I don’t want to know.

How can that be? How can you be connected to everyone and everything, have a wonderful sixth sense that supports and protects you, and you don’t want to know what it says? Remember, it is not judmental, or scary. It does not tell you anything that, at a deeper level, you do not already know.

How do you get your intuitive answers?

In many ways, which I try to put together. I am very clairvoyant and clairaudient, but the sense I rely on foremost is the kinesthetic or “felt sense.” There is subtle energy in everything which gives off a frequency, or vibration and I “read” the energy. On occasion, I will have a “felt” sense about a situation but cannot interpret it in the moment. At these times I do several things: I wait for more information to show up, which it will. I consult the I ching. I listen and look for other indicators that are providing information: someone, out of the blue, gives me a book that helps clarify the situation; I hear a song on a radio that resonates within me; a friend starts talking about her situation, which is identical to mine. I hear the answer in her words.

Learning how our intuition speaks to us is like learning another language. We use trial and error until we understand it. Never static, your intuitive process will keep expanding and, in the process, stretching you.

On Health

After conducting thousands of sessions scanning individual bodies, I have a few suggestions (regardless of what your personal health query might be.)

  • Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of pure, spring water daily. Add a slice of lemon, lime or orange to each glass.
  • Avoid dairy. (Yes, yogurt and ice cream are dairy.)
  • Learn to breathe properly, all the way into the core of your body.
  • Move your body. Walk, swim, dance.
  • Avoid refined flour and sugar.
  • As you strive to eat in a healthy manner, do the same with your reading, television habits. “Junk in” affects us energetically.

Now, more than ever, I am convinced that we are what we put into our bodies.


What do you like to read

I love a good mystery. I grew up practically teething on Nancy Drew. Right now The Da Vinci Code is one of my favorite authors. Dan Brown has written an informative, yet compact thriller that, I hope, leads readers to question what we have been taught for centuries. His information is an opportunity to explore spirit, religion, and who we are, for ourselves, if we see it as such.

I try not to read a lot of “spiritual how-to” books for two reasons: I like to discover things for myself and, I don’t want my writing to be influenced by what someone else has written. Having said that, I will say that since we are all connected to the same Source of information, I think it is inevitable that spirit repeats its message.

Which is?

There is an order, a plan, a blueprint for our existence. Everything and everyone is connected with one another through this order (or field) in which all information from all time is stored. Our interaction with this blueprint determines who we have been, who we are, and who we will become. It is the alpha and omega of our existence.

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