Private Readings

A private reading, which can be insightful for business or life, is conducted in person or over the telephone. You may tape it from your end. I only have the ability to tape my half of the conversation. I can email that to you.

This type of reading coaches you through your own intuitive nature for transitions in life. I am of the opinion that you have your own answers, it is the questions that are difficult.

It’s my belief that every person has guidance, or intuition, but many ignore it. There can be many obstacles that block a person’s intuitive energy.

During the session we will clarify your heart-felt questions and help you sense what your Inner Guidance is telling you.

Some health questions can be asked during this session. It is possible to sense emotional patterns that aggravate your health, and to help you start to change those thought patterns.

To schedule a reading call: 207 929 6960 or email me:

Hourly Rate

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