Our Search for Truth is Hiding in Plain Sight

by Winter on March 9, 2017

In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.

⏤Czelaw Milosz

Frequently, I am amazed how the universe conspires to help me wake up. Three weeks ago I slipped on the granite steps at my mother-in-law’s home and broke my right wrist (I am right handed). Many will remember that two years ago I slipped on ice under snow (going against my intuition which whispered don’t go get the mail) and broke my left wrist. Believe me when I say this break was much worse. Now I am the proud owner of a steel plate and eight screws in my wrist.  I am being forced to be mindful, to think before I do anything, to use my senses more than ever, and on occasion to ask for help. In other words, I have no choice but to slow down.

Slowing down has helped me put things in perspective.

This is probably not news to anyone, but I have come to the conclusion that we’re being collectively hypnotized with our daily diet of the expecting the unexpected: of constant lies, bullying, and disregard to logic. Whether or not it is intentional, this is a prescription for anxiety, unsettled feelings, anger and general mental health fatigue. If I were really paranoid, I would add that television emits an agitating  EMF…on purpose.

All of this unsettled energy causes me to reflect on the Indian calendar which has four ages, or yugas.  Right now, we are in the final and most corrupt stage, the Kali Yuga. Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga,[12] which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God. In her wonderful book Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver writes, “during this time few people’s words will match their actions.  Or rather, people will lie. A lot.”

We are not only lying to each other but more importantly, we are lying to ourselves. “I can eat this cookie and not gain weight, or be tired…you fill in the blank. Or, everything will be okay. It’s only four/eight years. Things will return to ‘normal’ soon. The stock market will continue to go up. We can burn “clean” coal and not effect the environment.”

Astrologer Zip Dobyns told me a long time ago that I am searching for Truth with a capital T. That fits. One of my favorite X-Files quotes is, “The best place to hide a lie is between two truths.” But when we are overwhelmed with false, or potentially false, statements, our brains pretty quickly become so overworked that we stop trying to sift through everything. We shut down and withdraw.

Unfortunately, we cannot count on anyone in power giving us anything like timely warning or useful advice in advance. We have to find accurate, trustworthy indicators on our own, and then decide how we’re going to use the information.

As Chris Martenson says, “In most cases, the information you need to assess the truth will be right there, hiding in plain sight but always obvious in retrospect. This means it’s also available to you in real-time, providing you’re willing to trust your own eyes and you know where to look.” And I say that we have to learn to trust our gut, which brings us full circle back to the practice of medical intuition.

In order to find Truth with a capital “T” we begin with that which we are most familiar with⏤our physical body. That pain in your neck? Perhaps it’s your boss.  Something you can’t stomach? Constant headache? Eyes losing focus? The list of ailments goes on and on. How does your body “feel” when you hear a lie? Where do you feel it⏤gut, chest, all over?

While we’re waiting for the Black Swan to appear it might be a good idea to understand what our body is telling us. (The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.)

If we are in touch with the language of our physical body, then when the Black Swan does appear, we can say we knew it all along because our body forewarned us.  The Truth is always hidden in plain sight.

What if most of your troubles are an invitation to go on an inner healing adventure?

Is your body attempting to get a message to your conscious mind by expressing a deeper understanding from your soul that something is out of balance in your life?  What if there is an emotional psycho-spiritual component to your illness that can be addressed by simple, safe, and inexpensive mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques? Perhaps it’s time to join  Let Magic Happen author, Larry Burk, M.D. and me on a quest to explore the mysterious story your body is telling you.

Larry and I will be facilitating Medical Intuition and Symbolic Dis-ease at the Monroe Institute April 7-14. https://www.monroeinstitute.org/blog/your-body-speaking-are-you-listening (My apologies, I can’t add links to this post. We’re working on fixing the problem.)



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Savitri March 9, 2017 at 4:32 pm

Wow about breaking your other wrist. Beyond need to pay attention, what do you suppose? Difficult at best and definitely calling for “something.” Our task should we chose to accept it, is to go within, isn’t it. For me Truth with capital “T” has to do with seeking enlightenment, by whatever means: devotion to God, self-inquiry (not this not this), or whatever path one chooses. The Kali Yuga, in addition to what you write about it, also translates as the Age of the Decline of Righteousness, righteousness meaning right action, or following universal human values. Don’t worry too much about what is going on “out there,” all the thrashing around in the dark, but as my guru Amma says: “Light your candle and step forward.” Always remain optimistic. The body is certainly an entry point and a very personal and powerful messenger, and our temple. I guess I’d like to offer that remembering to have the divine first and foremost in the mind and heart, and then to see the divine in all things, every second of every day, would be my goal. I’m far from it, but it’s still my goal. I wish you well in your healing and in your search for what in God’s Heaven this body is teaching 🙂


Elaine G McGillicuddy March 10, 2017 at 6:02 am

Thank you once again, dear Winter, for gracing us with the fruit of your reflections!
I want to express my . . . – what should I call it? – regret? Yes, I am indeed so sorry that your fall has led to a second broken wrist!!
But more than most, I can see that you find ways of drawing good from any experience.
May the slowing down deepen the interior riches you already have and generously share.
Sending more healing vibes,


Winter March 10, 2017 at 11:30 pm

Thank you, Elaine. Yes, slowing down has been good for me!


Sally May 22, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Speaking of slowing one’s pace…Boys and girls, don’t try this at home alone! That is, sustain a stealth infected tick bite in the dead of January, get slammed with borreliosis about two weeks later, and ponder “What the !!!! hit me?” for another month while rationalizing, “I’ll wait and see if it will just go away.” Cue the cosmic laughter here: the tick bite saved itself for me until I got it. Two months later it was still present but incognito: a pencil eraser size round light red dot with no scab, no dark dot in the middle, quite similar to the red spots I get on my hands and arms on occasion. I suddenly heard the Dies Irae and realized I was in deep trouble. Ah…yet another spiritual lesson. To be continued…


Winter August 30, 2017 at 5:56 pm

You always have so much to share!! We all need to pay attention…


Nancy Marcum May 22, 2017 at 8:37 pm

So sorry you broke your wrist. It is always good for me to read your views on our human challenges . Thank you for your posts of light&understanding of our present .These times are indeed a challenge for us all.my best to you. Nancy


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