The Space Between the Notes….

On occasion Michael and I offer an intensive with the intent to create a space where you are able to relax and “expand your awareness,” or open up your mind.” It is not geared toward, or limited to, any one specialization, but strives toward the awakening of our human potential. We feel that at this point in human civilization it is imperative we learn to use all of our senses and abilities.


  • Beyond space and time (modes in which we think, not conditions in which we live) there is a “place” we call the “space between the notes.”
  • This energy field connects man, matter, all of nature, and continually affects everything and everyone.
  • Some physicists, including Einstein and Evin Laszlo, said that this field, the Zero point field, is an information carrier, origin of mind and matter, the blueprint of the universe.
  • Our memories are not stored in the brain, but stockpiled in holographic form in the field. Our brains receive and process this information.
  • When we resonate with certain frequencies, we can gain access to specific information: medical, emotional, lost people, items.
  • The theory of the all-encompassing Zero Point Field could be a definitive bridge between spirituality and science. Einstein couldn’t prove it, but suspected it, when he said, “The field is the only reality.”
  • Our separate existence, which forms the basis for our daily experience, is no longer the central issue. It is replaced by this all-encompassing connection. This could explain the phenomenon of prayer and healing. Research has proven that people in hospitals heal more quickly when random people, in random locations around the world, pray for them daily.

The ongoing challenge, for all of us, is to be open to the possibilities, no matter how outrageous they may seem at first. If you have:

  • A curiosity and an unrelenting quest for discovering the mystery of life;
  • A commitment to experience life, rather than read about it;
  • A desire to continually explore and refine your senses, especially the kinesthetic “felt” sense as a means to understanding their inner being;
  • The ability to embrace paradox and uncertainty;
  • The desire to explore your imagination, believing it to be as important as your analytical, reasoning, mind;
  • An appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things;
  • And are open to the possibility that all information is available to you at the soul level . . .

Consider joining us in one of these intensives as we seek to discover “in-between” the notes of space and time.

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Rick Dry March 20, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Hi Winter and Michael,
I and my wife at the time, Karen, spent a weekend with you 2 at your house in Maine years ago.
I am now in partnership with Katherine Davenport.
We are loving your new book and are interested in your intensives.
We are trained in CRV, have been to Monroe, we know Joe McMoneagle and Scott Taylor well.
Keep us informed regarding any intensive schedule.
Rick (818) 667-6681


Winter March 20, 2016 at 7:46 pm

Good to hear from you, Rick. My next Monroe program will be May 14-20 with Larry Burk, MD. I would love to have you join us!!


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