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Medical intuition is probably the most misunderstood (and misused) term in the spiritual field today. Although there have been instances when I have been able to sense someone’s ailment in medical terminology, that is not always the case, nor what I look for when I “read” a body. A health scan or intuitive health reading involves a holistic approach to health: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. (Our medical field tends to separate these areas into specializations.) The emotional, energetic cause of an illness will often be the information that is most important to the client, and is what comes forth.

My goal is to teach interested individuals how to sense their own intuitive wisdom and know what is best for their spiritual, mental and physical well being.

I believe that Intuition tells us what is. It is up to us to make the interpretation, if need be, and draw the conclusions)

If you are considering using an intuitive to help you understand your physical or emotional state, answer these questions:

  • Do you understand the concept of intuition?
  • Are you a skeptic? (which is ok. . . just know that you are.)
  • Are you gullible? (it is important to be in touch with your own intuitive process. How does the information, when you hear it, feel to you?
  • Are you are familiar with the concept of Qi (Chi) and/or energy fields?
  • Do you believe, or are you, at least, open to the possibility that intuitive-diagnosis is possible?

How does a “medical” reading work?

In most instances, I read individuals remotely (they are not in my presence), answering questions they have sent to me in a letter. The letter gives name, address, and a client’s questions about their physical and emotional health.

(If a client elects to see me in person for their intuitive session the fee is $200.00. In this setting (which lasts about an hour and a half) we use their intuition (as well as mine) to scan (and sense) what is going on with their body.)

Remote sessions are conducted when I am in a deep relaxed state. The session is taped and I send the client the tape. If the client has follow-up questions after listening to their tape, they are welcome to call or email me.

When I work with a client in person, I use directed imagery as a source of obtaining information about their physical-mental health. In this manner, the client is the psychic, reading their own energy (Chi), making the assessment and recommendations for treatment.

What do I do next?

If you want me to conduct a remote, intuitive scan of your body, mind, and spirit I will need the following:

  • a signed disclaimer form
  • your letter, with the questions you want me to specifically target. I will read the entire energy field and tell you what I sense, but I also like to know what your concerns are.
  • a check, made out to me, for $150.00 (US).
  • Or payment by paypal:

Mail the disclaimer, letter, and check to:

winter robinson
149 Simpson Road
Buxton, Maine 04093-6201

If I am not on the road, I usually turn the reading around in two to three weeks..

If I have conducted your scan,and suggested that diet is an issue, you can find the elimination diet here.


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