It’s always about the magic…

by Winter on September 7, 2016

It’s been a while since I posted, and since I have several programs on Medical Intuition coming up, I thought I would give you my perspective on the process. First and foremost it’s about the magic…and we find magic through exploration.

After my Gateway week at the Institute I kept returning, not only because of what I was discovering about my self, both my I-ness and the expanded state of Winter that went beyond any title, but rather, I liked the fact that when asked a question about his adventures, Bob (Monroe) would say, “You go find out.  Then come back and tell me.”

Taking that advice to heart, I felt free to venture beyond any and everything I had ever imagined. In the beginning, despite my degree in Psychology, I didn’t have a clue about consciousness, mind, spirit, energy or anything else we might list here.

Because I had the ability to go into a deep, relaxed state and talk about what was taking place, I was asked to take part in the second group of Explorers. Subsequently, the many hours I spent in the booth listening to the soft voice of Rita Warren asking questions through my headset, gave me the best education I ever had.

My time in the booth gave me both the desire for and the foundation for our medical intuition program.  What better way to learn about “you” in all of your many facets: your body, your mind, your spirit…than to become an explorer and discover for yourself?

You are probably wondering what you could take away from a class with the title of medical intuition. My hope would be that you become an “Explorer.” That you get out of yourself, that you go beyond the realm of your separate “I-ness” and allow room for something true and useful to arise that the “I” can not create. That you discover the “observer” and the “observer” behind the observer. (This is what I found.)

And in the process, you might just discover the pause between your thoughts, “the space between the notes.” (In music, our mind fills in the space between the notes, creating what we hear.) And in that space…lies everything.

Or, I could simply suggest that you could learn to relax, releasing hormones that may well repair and heal your body; that you may possibly experience a flow, another dimension, that could help you see yourself and others more clearly.

During the class you can:

  • Discern between ego and intuition
  • Learn to experience “wordlessness”
  • Recognize your inner signals for yes and no
  • Harness your dreams for healing
  • Learn to think about illness symbolically
  • Use metaphor to transform symptoms
  • Experience the role of imagination
  • Be trained to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): (change the beliefs your body carries)
  • Explore symbolic expressions of underlying psycho-spiritual imbalances
  • Understand the human energy system
  • Use the Chinese 5 Element Theory as metaphor
  • Practice Yoga Nidra, dream interpretation and Qi Gong daily

Regardless of your reason for coming to a program on medical intuition, my opinion is that we are not drawn together to be able to read the health of ourselves, or someone else.  That is the cosmic hook, the magic that pulls us in. (I was once called a “cosmic hooker.”  I rather liked that description.)

And in reality, it’s always about the magic.

Join me and Dr. Larry Burk for the next Medical Intuition program at the Monroe Institute:

Medical Intuition

November 5-11, 2016


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Peter Borkoski September 7, 2016 at 6:23 pm

Wow..another great abundance of eye opening, thought provoking, personal challenge and Love!

Thank you!


Winter September 7, 2016 at 7:22 pm

Thank you, Peter. I hope you are doing well. If you haven’t checked out the benefits of MCT (coconut oil) I strongly encourage you to do so. Lots of good research going on in this area.



Golden September 7, 2016 at 7:14 pm

Winter — what a wonderful name! I remember that name from 10 years past when I took my first Voyage at the TMI. Your name came up, seemingly from nowhere, as one of the unique experiences of the time, although every experience is unique in some way to someone. I remember listening to the stories and being awe-struck at what you had accomplished. I was also fortunate to have received advice from Rosie McKnight via email correspondence, from Skip, and Joe and Penny.

But in keeping with the themes and flows in my life, I today, on “impulse” decided to check out TMI’s website and I clicked on a link on your Medical Intuition Program in November, medical intuition being two words that appear in my life at various intervals. Oddly, I found myself searching for your books and behold I find your site, here, on the very date you have updated it. This be magic, indeed.

To any reader, I would encourage you to become an explorer, have fun, discover, and share. And if you have the chance, take Winter’s workshop. What you take away from it may be far greater than you imagined.


Winter September 7, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Indeed! Not just the day I posted, but probably within the hour I posted it! Thank you for your wonderful comments…


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