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Medical Intuition and Spirituality

June 1 @ 6:00 pm - June 3 @ 4:30 pm

Fine-Tuning Intuitive Language and Aligning with the Mysteries of the Universe

There was a time when I saw medical intuition as a skill that could be facilitated by helping the student learn their unique intuitive language. After a few years of teaching in this manner, I started to describe medical intuition as being similar to the nail on your index finger.  It is merely the tip of a vast, interconnected open network of “information.” It is an intriguing hook asking us to explore something greater.

Discovering one’s intuitive nature is not a process of taking another class, each one more advanced than the first, or from going from point A to point B. There is no B. There is no “There,” but only the Here…Now. Every moment is new and we rediscover awareness again and again.

Just when I think I have mastered my intuitive language, something will remind me that me that this pursuit is not about grasping a concept or holding on to a thought or image. While Medical Intuition can provide useful information to someone who wants to recognize and understand what their body/health is telling them, it also tells us so much more about who and what we are.

That said, I believe that when we pursue developing our intuitive awareness we are awakening to our essential nature, which is our fundamental guidance system for being here. Medical Intuition (intuition) isn’t thinking, feeling or sensing…these are just descriptions that we use to capture the awareness of whatever is in the foreground. There is no effort or grasping while trying to hold on to an image or a thought. We simply notice the mysterious workings of the universe and know that we are aligning with it. We are not in control of how this vast openness comes through (thank goodness.)

Each persons unfoldment is completely unique. The essence of guidance is universal, but how it comes to each of us, how it works for you, is not the same as mine or anyone else.  (I call this your unique language.) Knowing our uniqueness keeps us from getting stuck comparing our experience to that of someone else.

This class on Medical Intuition includes:

*Fine- tuning your unique language.
*Energetic overview (outside influences, karma, past lives).
*Root cause or core imbalance (what is the trigger for an illness).
*Important aggravators (toxins, allergies, environment, people, etc.).
*The Souls journey.
*Ethics of Medical Intuition.

Using actual cases for detailed feedback you will:
*Develop your intuitive sense of knowing: seeing, sensing/feeling, hearing.
*Identify specific needs in each of the chakras in order to target and resolve health problems or challenges in career, relationships or life purpose.
*Recognize what your body or other people’s bodies are trying to tell you by zeroing in on the messages and symptoms in the body.

Contact: Cheri Brady @ cheribrady@ aol.com for further information & registration.
Also, visit Winter’s website at www.winterrobinson.com.
Program will be held at St. Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield, CT (near Hartford).

Medical Intuition & Spirituality


June 1 @ 6:00 pm
June 3 @ 4:30 pm


Cheri Brady
413-525-1698 (h) or 413-636-8681 (c) - before 9pm EST


St. Thomas Seminary
467 Bloomfield Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002 United States
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