Intuitions, Seeing With the Heart

. . .from chapter one.

Carl Jung once related a story about a conversation with Ochwiay Bianco, then chief of the Pueblo Indians. Bianco when asked, told Jung that his opinion of the white man was not very high because they always seem upset, restless, and looking for something. The result of this is their faces are wrinkled. Not only that, they must be crazy because they think with their heads and it is well known that only crazy people do that.

“How do you think?” Jung asked.

“Naturally,” Bianco replied, “with my heart.”

We have the answers, the heart always brings them to us. It is the questions that are difficult. We don’t know what we want to know, and we don’t know how to ask the question in order to get the answer. In truth, the questions are always right before our nose, ever present.

Much has been written on intuition, what it is and what it is not. Discussions abound on whether it exists or does not exist. However, despite the many words, clearly there is enough evidence that something exists which provides us information which we have no logical way of knowing. Information which, if we act on it, could be useful and helpful, not only in our everyday lives, but toward our spiritual growth as well.

Intuitions, Seeing With the Heart was my first book. After ten printings we have let it go out of print. It is not gone forever, the latest version of Intuitions, Seeing with the heartis in the process of being made into an audio CD, which you will be able to download from this site. Expected date of delivery: January 2008.

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Marc Decelles April 5, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Well hello again Winter,

Remember me? The guy from Connecticut?

Our paths are destined to meet …. I knew it back then.

Watch the video CALLAPSE (on DVD, about peak oil)….. it will blow you away. Michael Rupert has “the passion” to change things…… and Michael will just LOVE it.

CD by Jewel single – Intuition (great song)
Christina Perri single HUMAN (from album “Head or Heart”)

I’ve completed my training….. and things are about to change REAL FAST.

You could say, it’s Hammer Time!

Mark of the ONE

I was wondering if you had another book in you…. I look forward to reading it…..


Winter April 5, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Hello,Mark. I got a chill when I opened your email, I have often wondered where you disappeared to! We have seen Collapse, but don’t own the DVD. If you haven’t discovered Carolyn Baker (Truth to Power) and a good friend of Rupert, you’ll want to check out Carolyn and her digest.

Thank you for the song tips. Perfect timing because I am putting together an institute for a conference in Virginia and looking for new music!

If there is another book, it will probably be about how we have lost our ability to imagine. If we can’t imagine a different future, or imagine anything, what do we expect? (This came from studying/intuiting the effects of television, cell phones, etc. on children.)


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