Truth with a capital “T”

by Winter on March 6, 2014

Zipporah Dobyns once told me that I was searching for Truth with a capital “T.” Zip was a clinical psychologist as well as a pragmatic astrologer, and I am reminded of her words almost daily.

Because I have been somewhat shut in, I’ve been catching up on my reading and questioning everything that I read.  (The garden is not only piled with snow, it is frozen solid snow, and the greenhouse, while toasty during the day is way too cold at night to start new seedlings.) Fox Mulder (The X-Files) once said that the best place to place a lie was between two truths. I often remember this when I am reading (or watching) anything that purports to be fact. This morning Michael asked me, “How do you know you aren’t caught up in a conspiracy theory, something that just isn’t true?”

His question is not something that I often think about.  When something is a lie, a partial truth, or a lie by omission, I naturally sense the discrepancy.  This is certainly taking place with what we are being told about the Ukraine. (While working out recently I watched two different television stations give opposing “facts” about the situation.) Since I hardly expect our media to tell me the “Truth,” I must depend on my own inner compass to determine true/not true. My  automatic process starts with breathing slowly and paying total attention to my physical sensations. I don’t try to change these sensations, even if they are uncomfortable.

Truth resonates. There is a flow to the information which is often accompanied by a full-bodied awareness and a chill.  If something isn’t true, the energy is aggressive and heavy. If thoughts pop up, I acknowledge them, listen to—and sometimes evaluate what they say, then gently bring my attention back to the physical sensations. 

So, here are some of the things I have been reading and watching, starting with Climbing the Ladder of Awareness by Bodhi Paul Chefurka. If you are interested in checking your “Truth Compass” these links are a good place to start.

Life Changing: “Animal Whisperer” calms an angry panther

Dave Wigington/Geoengineering

Guy McPherson

Why you should have a little dark chocolate every day

Speaking Truth to Power

Ah, but it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow.  I can turn my mind and senses to seedlings, gardens, and swimming in the lake. I can give up sensing if something is true.

Or not. 

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